Not Known to Man
Commissioned Work Tech Startup Brand Strategy, Identity & Holistic Design Not Known to Man — Not Known to Man is a human-centered enterprise creating new, real and elegant products to serve mankind.
Munelle De Vie SS23
Commissioned Work Creative Direction, Casting, Photo Direction, Styling, Production & Digital Teching Munelle De Vie — The latest Munelle De Vie collection is a tribute to the designer’s childhood memories and portrays her love for the iconic Barbie doll.
Colline di Chianti
Personal Work Holistic Design Italian Wine House — Colline di Chianti is an authentic house of Italian vino innovating the art of taste.
Jun Group Website Redesign
Commissioned Work Art Direction & UI/UX Design Jun Group — The redesigned Jun Group website repositions the “Jun Means Truth” story and services in a delightful way.
The Girl with the Calla Earrings
Collaborative Testing Work Creative/Photo Direction, Casting & Production Accessories & Beauty Series — The inspiration for this series is found in the whimsical and eye-catching nature of the Calla earrings by Cult Gaia.
Commissioned Work Creative Direction, Photography & Ad Design Uniiit — Uniiit encourages the creative eye by providing sustainable & unique clothing rentals curated for the inspired.
Student Work Design Entrepreneurship: Physical Product University of North Texas — Roots educates the people about organic gardening and helps them realize the benefits of living sustainably.
Animated FENDI Marks
Animated Spec Work Motion Typography FENDI — An exploration of fashion-focused motion design with motion typography inspired by the FENDI fashion house.