Capturing the self-assurance of the modern woman who favors timeless constructions—daywear and eveningwear—reflecting her inner elegance. 
PORTER Magazine
For this story, I was inspired by the dreamlike and classic works of Camilla Åkrans. I wanted to showcase the essence of the model and use the page to further her confidence and stylish brilliance. PORTER was chosen as a hypothetical platform since the publication is known for its authoritative global point of view on fashion as well as its stunning page layouts. Since these images were shot in Dallas, the story ends with an article that brings attention to how high fashion made its way to Texas.​​​​​​​
Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Stylist: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photo Assistant/Co-Stylist: Jazmín Ramírez
Model: Katherine Stiles
PORTER is the fashion magazine for the stylish, intelligent woman of now. The publication is powered by NET-A-PORTER, delivering a bespoke curation of fashion, beauty, travel, and culture. All elements used throughout these spreads including the PORTER lettermark are copyrighted by NET-A-PORTER. I recreated the PORTER lettermark using HTF Didot by Hoefler&Co, originally designed by Firmin Didot. The layouts are influenced by Jay Hess and Rebecca Mason, whom are both directors at the magazine. Copywriting courtesy of James McAuley, The New York Times. The typeface used throughout the interior is Freight designed by Joshua Darden.
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