Jun Group is an ad tech agency based in New York City specializing in the next generation of digital advertising. Jun means truth is the company's motto and is at the core of everything they do. Their approach to advertising is different.
Ad Tech Made Delightful
Jun Group’s identity shifted and evolved over the course of the pandemic, giving us an excellent opportunity to update the company’s visual communication as well.
The driving force behind the redesign is a single word: delightful. We created an interface that was professional and polished, yet fun, approachable, and captivating. The redesigned Jun Group website is a visual and interactive feast that repositions the “Jun Means Truth” story and services in a delightful and memorable way.
Chief Executive Officer: Corey Weiner
Chief Operating Officer: Mishel Alon
Art Director & Presentation Designer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Marketing Manager: Will Braithwaite
Associate Director of QA: Edmund Clothier
Vice President of Media Strategy: Caitie McCune
Product Marketing Specialist: Billy Murray
Product Marketing Specialist: Taylor Murrell
Director of IT Operations: Sahan Pitigala
Head of Product Strategy: Brian Sykora
Web Developer: Kolya Tevosyan
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