Not Known to Man is a human-centered enterprise creating new, real and elegant products to serve mankind. They are doing this by innovating possible solutions that help people live more present lives.
Not Known to Man was in need of a written and visual identity that was new, real and elegant. Most competitors exhibited a typical formulaic aesthetic and uninspiring imagery. Not Known to Man is unique amongst other software development companies as they are solely focused on human-centered solutions that empower all from business to developer to user. This endeavor involved a great deal of strategy including discovery as well as data collection to effectively concept and execute an in-depth visual system that was right for the enterprise.​​​​​​​
Visual Identity
The Not Known to Man mark is scientifically elegant and speaks to the unknown. The structural nature of the custom sans serif is elevated when paired with a modern superscript. The rounded terminals add a touch of friendliness, accessibility and humanity.
Process Work & Planning
Not Known to Man takes what already exists and improves — innovates — upon it. The mark consists of preexisting typefaces that were tailored to achieve their image of scientific elegance. In-depth research and synthesis of ideas was involved — circular thinking, wordmapping, etc — to arrive at the right visual direction.
The typefaces are ambassadors of the NK2M image that establishes and distinguishes the company. A humble grotesque was paired with a bold modern to convey the company's passions for functionality and elegance. Chapman and HK Grotesk are the faces of Not Known to Man.
The colors are inspired by jellyfish as the species are widely not known to man. The palette is simple yet alluring to achieve an otherworldly sense. Gradients were used to convey a sense of the ocean depths and movement for a more kinetic identity.
Pitch Deck
Great design means nothing without great presentation. Not Known to Man takes delivery just as seriously as their products. It’s crucial that every pitch tells a meaningful story that brings a product or an idea to life. The delivery system consists of a client deck and an investor deck. The slides were designed in Keynote as templates so they could be easily modified and used for any occasion.
Online Presence
The website is an alluring and vibrant sensory experience. A deep sea aesthetic gives a sense of the otherworldly and moving jellyfish in the background not only brings the identity to life but invites viewers to discover more using their mental sentiments.
Information Architecture
The sitemap was designed before any concepting or execution. A multitude of research was conducted on the market aiding in the generation of a creative brief as well as necessary content. This content-first method allowed the information architecture to be much more effective and sensical.
Wireframe Sketches
Once the sitemap was complete, wireframes were developed with detailed notes explaining the intended UI/UX direction. The goal was to create a visually stunning yet simple design that would get visitors to stop, breathe and immerse themselves in an otherworldly experience.
Brand Book
Various guides and templates were needed to maintain consistency in content, especially for the internal creative team as well as any future designers or developers hired by Nk2M. To ensure consistency, a brand book was developed. This in-depth guideline outlines official assets and how to utilize them — providing as much clarity as possible on the Not Known to Man brand aesthetic.
Social Media
Having a presence on social media was important for Not Known to Man not only to market their brand importance but to deliver meaningful storytelling to their audience. Instagram offers a variety of opportunities to bring immersive content to people through Stories, IGTV and Feed posts.
A Vision for the Future
Not Known to Man's vision is to innovate immersive experiences that inspire real interactions. Humanity shouldn’t be seen as a luxury and that’s why people are at the center of everything they do. With this honest mission in mind, we set out to visualize the passion of Not Known to Man so they may become known as the human-centered enterprise that can do it all — from visual and user experience design to research and development.
Completed in collaboration with David Kramer and Marco Fat-Diaz.
NK2M CEO/Stockholder: David "HT" Kramer
NK2M Creative Director/Art Director: Marco Fat-Diaz
Brand Strategist/Copywriter/Communication Designer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
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