That Photo School Go-By Recreation — Using lighting, equipment, styling and creativity to recreate a go-by image in an original fashion.
Kennen Dickens for Alice Laura Models
Alice Laura Models Photographer, Art Director & Stylist: Mark Baker-Sanchez Model: Kennen Dickens Photo & Lighting Assistant: Miguel Angel Salgado — Professional images for Alice Laura Models featuring Kennen Dickens.
Tender Expressions
That Photo School One Light Project Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Model & Stylist: Alex Da Greatest Photo Assistant: Miguel Angel Salgado Support: Kelsey Reid — Using one light source to explore its versatility and experimenting with bounce.
Ragazza Dei Fiori
That Photo School Matching Light Project Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Stylist: Tauri Partin Model: Kelsey Reid — Using a strobe to enhance the ambient/available light source.
That Photo School Awaken Show
Art Direction, Strategy, Poster Design, Social Media Design & Guerrilla Advertising That Photo School Awaken Photography Show Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX — Custom mark, poster, and promo design for the 2022 That Photo School advanced member showcase.
Portraits, A Product Series
That Photo School Matching Light Project Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Stylist: Tauri Partin — Matching an ambient/available light source with a strobe.
Creative Direction, Naming, Production, Design & Copy Editing Kent Barker Photography Dallas, Texas — Omnichannel promotional materials for Dallas-based photographer Kent Barker.
The New Forever
Art Direction, Photo Direction/Production & Print/OOH The New Forever Become An Art Director with Joel Arzu — Mining for precious materials can result in plastic and water pollution as well as human rights violations. Plastics are a viable alternative in the jewelry industry. With 4Ocean, Tiffany & Co. has the opportunity to redefine the family heirloom.
The Alchemist
Creative Direction & Campaign AUGIE SS21 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — The Alchemist is the senior graduation collection of AUGIE and is a symbolic presentation of the designer's personal belief and spirituality.
Creative/Editorial/Design Direction, Photography, Writing & Publication Design DONE The Magazine Dallas, Texas — DONE ISSUE II is focused on mental health and explores the many ways in which our well-being is ever connected to our intersectionalities.
Creative Direction, Photography & Ad Design Uniiit Dallas/Fort Worth — Uniiit encourages the creative eye by providing sustainable & unique clothing rentals curated for the inspired.
Advanced Campaigns Major Campaign University of North Texas — R’Bonney heightens self-esteem, confidence, and representation of all women.
KICKS by Tide
Print/OOH & Photo Direction/Production Tide KICKS Become An Art Director with Joel Arzu — Tide has an opportunity to break into the sneaker head scene with a shoe cleaner. We’re calling it KICKS.
Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Location: Corpus Christi, Texas — Observing the carefree nature of coastal living through candid shots that are simplistic and nostalgic.
Chic Urbain
Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Stylist: Mark Baker-Sanchez Photo Assistant/Co-Stylist: Jazmin Ramirez Model: Katherine Stiles — Fusing tailored lines with carefree cuts to emphasize the poise of the urban powerwoman.
Knitty Gritty
Photographer/Director: Mark Baker-Sanchez Stylist: Tauri Partin Model: Tauri Partin — Exhibiting the grunge subgenre as sexy and sophisticated by fusing it with futuristic shapes.