This lilac PBW bag is one of my absolute favorites amongst my growing luxury collection. The addition of the florals furthers the idea of "giving Black women their flowers." This photo is meant to elevate and immortalize the statement on this bag, which is much more than a fashion item.
It's an impact. A piece for the brave and bold. True luxury made with vegan leather. No contenders. Looking good. Feeling good. Doing good. (CISE)
Photos In Use — Harper's BAZAAR Print Ad & Billboard
I'm a champion of Black-owned brands, especially in the luxury space. I wanted to explore what this image would look like in a print ad inside Harper's BAZAAR. It would be really special to see CISE have page real estate in the world's most important fashion magazine. The photo sits rather well next to this BAZAAR page of structured hand bags, particularly in terms of color and message.
Creative Direction, Lighting & Photography: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Prop & Floral Stylist: Tauri Partin
Lilac Bag: CISE
Studio: FLOCC
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