SIFA — The Showcase of International Fashion Artists — is a non-profit organization connecting the fashion industry — young designers and prolific designers alike — with impoverished communities around the world to provide development, relief, and cultural preservation.
Visit the full SIFA website here
National Student Show & Conference 14
SIFA was awarded the Best of Website Design at the 14th annual National Student Show & Conference in Dallas, Texas.
Fashion is a viable and responsible mechanism for cultural preservation and empowerment. SIFA raises awareness, inspires change, and works to make progress happen.​​​​​​​ All proceeds from annual shows are given to the struggling communities that these artists reside in an effort to provide development and socio-economic relief. Genuinely promoting ethnic diversity and acceptance of world cultures will change the fashion world.
Landing Page
The website opens with an animation bringing attention to the upcoming SIFA fashion week and promotes tickets for the event. The landing page showcases a short video in the background that was filmed as part of the Spring 2018 campaign. The video features models wearing international styles that can also be seen in the season's lookbook.
Annual Show
Produced entirely by philanthropic effort, the show offers the public an opportunity to view and acquire authentically made fashions including jewelry by artists from around the globe. All proceeds are given to disadvantaged communities around the world; making food, education, and healthcare more accessible. Visit the page here.
Lives Impacted
SIFA provides those in struggling communities around the world with opportunities for a better life. This is done by promoting who these individuals are. Their work creates fresh, authentic, meaningful, functional, and wearable art. Visit the page here.
Make a Difference
SIFA makes connections within the fashion realm and global ambassadors to provide a heightened commitment to what they do. The organization brings together a community of designers, students, and philanthropists with a desire to change the industry—and the world. Visit the page here.
Threading Change
Threading Change is an initiative to include passionate individuals in revising the world of fashion. Designer collaboration, internship, and volunteer programs are offered to anyone interested in empowering communities while fostering connections. Visit the page here.
Information Architecture
As part of the process, a multitude of research was conducted on the market aiding in the generation of a creative brief as well as information architecture. Information architecture was used to simplify complex details and organize content into respective sections.
The SIFA website was previsualized through handdrawn wireframes before being built in Wordpress. This was done to ensure that the proper visual language was established prior to execution.
SIFA 2018 Lookbook
Capturing looks inspired by the stunning shores of coastal Africa and the colorful cities of Thailand.
View the full lookbook here.
Writer/Director/Designer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photographer/Stylist: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Models: Andrea Fofanah, Erica Talley, Tim D., Vanessa Morgan​​​​​​​
Studio space provided by SiYu Ning
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