Casper believes sleep is the superpower that charges everything people do. Their award-winning mattresses, sheets & more have allowed them to become one of the most popular online bed-in-a-box brands on the internet.
Objective & SMIT
Create a print campaign that targets young adults who are starting off in their busy — and most likely stressful — careers. Casper helps you relieve stress before bed, so you can get a better nights sleep.

Insight & Idea
Everyone has their favorite sleeping position, and Casper is the ideal mattress to personalize their experience.
For our concept, we wanted to reach young adults in a way that was delightful and charming. We honed in on sleep itself and wanted to present the product it in a way that was intimate, emotional, and provided a sense of relaxation. Living your best life includes getting good sleep, which includes having a quality mattress you can rely on when it’s time to nap or hit the hay from a long day at work. We like to call it “Sleeping Your Best Life!”
Copywriting & Design: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Illustrations: Original illustrations by ssstocker & customized by Mark Baker-Sanchez
Concepting Support: Nicole Coutrier & Hairam Villarreal
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