Tommy Bahama embodies laid-back sophistication. Best known for island-inspired silks and linens, the brand offers a full range products needed for a permanent-vacation mindset.
The Problem
The current identity and Online presence does not fit the sophisticated nature of the Tommy Bahama character, garments, or clientele. The marlin symbol is difficult to read from afar, appearing unfinished and poorly made while the lettermark is clunky in its strokes. This does not communicate the upscale casual apparel Tommy would wear or the permanent-vacation mindset he has. Despite the brand name originating around the invention of an imaginary character, it seems the brand hasn’t seized the opportunity for any sort of storytelling.
The Objective
To provide a framework for the brand’s future survival amongst millennial and GenZ generations who find value in artistic approaches as well as androgyny. The concept is centered around escaping tradition—honoring the nonconformity of the younger generations while providing new meaning to the brand’s permanent-vacation motto. Visuals explore the identity and thoughts of Tommy Bahama with the purpose of establishing a relatable character.
Updated Identity
The brand is re-contextualized with an updated signature incorporating a handdrawn feel with monolinear forms to communicate a more timeless yet casual identity. This furthers the upscale casual nature of the apparel Tommy would wear.
During iteration, the goal was to create a mark that appeared handdrawn yet sophisticated enough to speak timelessly for the brand. The decision was made to break the connection between the "y" and "b" to avoid a visual distraction as well as keep the mark from reading as one word. All lowercase forms further the laid-back nature of Tommy Bahama.
SS20 Photoshoot | Who is Tommy?
To make Tommy relatable to the target audience, he is envisioned as contemplating his own identity— questioning the social constructs and expectations assigned by tradition. Including photography of younger individuals provides a fresher look and feel to the brand. Styling is unisex yet maintains the tropical patterns Tommy Bahama is known for. This shows that the brand is respectful yet sensitive towards the androgynous identities of gender non-conforming youth.
SS20 Film Ad
Despite the brand name originating around an imaginary character, Tommy Bahama hasn’t seized the opportunity for any sort of storytelling. The advantage to establishing brand narrative is that it can start conversations leading to social engagement and change. In a millennial world, promoting self-awareness, truth, and social causes is of value as awareness is seen as highly important. Primarily geared towards a matured population, the brand is in need of communicating to millennials if it hopes to remain relevant in the future.
Social Media
A purified design style adds to the mission of careful consideration and meticulous craft. #EscapeTradition is used on Instagram to improve engagement while encouraging dialogue with Tommy Bahama, furthering the message of nonconformity through relaxed designs.
SS20 Print Ads
Using narrative to create a mysterious essence around Tommy Bahama’s existence has an alluring effect and interest in the luxurious garments he wears.
Director/Designer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photographer/Videographer: Jazmín Ramirez
Photo Assistant: Jeanette Ramirez
Stylist/Model: Mark Baker-Sanchez
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