Faces Óptica goes beyond the traditional optical shop and with a highly curated collection of independent, luxury eyewear for prescription lenses. The owners of the eyewear curator & retailer were looking for visuals that captured their 70s punk rock inspiration. These images would be used on their site and IG. For this project, I collaborated as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Collage Artist, Co-Producer & Co-Stylist. In post, I created a series of grunge posters as well as a playful collage illustration and animation.
Creative Direction, Photography, Casting, Retouching, Co-Production & Co-Styling: Kelsey Reid
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Collage Artist, Co-Production & Co-Styling: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photo Assistant, Lighting Design & Digital Tech: Miguel Angel Salgado
Model & HMUA: Rane Mayer
Photo & Production Studio: FLOCC
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