Morphosis: Development or change of form of a (specified) thing or manner. This campaign brings to life a narrative of transformation. Emerging from the cocoon and stepping into oneself. One's own walk of life, a freedom. An emancipation. Moving through life with fluidity and grace, knowing that who one chooses to be roots them in power.
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Nhu Le

Brand & Editorial Director
My Le

Copy Editor
Xuan Le

Creative & Art Director, Producer, Casting, Graphic & Layout Designer
Mark Baker-Sanchez

Photographer & Videographer
Samantha Jane of SisterBrother MGMT

Digital Tech & Photo Assistant
Trenton Read

Wardrobe & Accessories Stylist
Tor Matthey of Independent Artists, Inc.

Hair & Makeup Artist
Walter Fuentes of Independent Artists, Inc.

Khay & Rod of Wallflower Management

Sam Torti, Abigail McKenna & Victoria Nguyen
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