Capturing professional images of Kennen Dickens for Alice Laura Models that will be used for talent submissions and showcase on the agency's website. This also doubled as a two light experiment for That Photo School. These photos are live on Kennen's profile on the Alice Laura website. Click here to view the stylescape for this project.
Creative & Art Direction
Wardrobe Styling
Graphic & Layout Design
Providing a deeper understanding of the work involved in this shoot and the process involved in capturing each photo.
Photos In Use — Spec/Mockup Work
As an art director, I enjoy and find value in seeing an image within an ad environment. Our goal for this shoot was to capture images that were professional and elegant, and I wanted to place them in high-level ad spaces such as Giorgio Armani and Estée Lauder. Kennen wore a vintage Armani suit, so it was only natural to pay homage to the brand's iconic graphical campaigns. In addition, we took several great beauty shots and these fit the refined brand image of Estée Lauder.
Photographer, Art Director, Casting  &  ​​​​​​​Stylist
Mark Baker-Sanchez

Kennen Dickens

Photo Assistant
Miguel Angel Salgado


Modeling Agency
Alice Laura Models
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