I was commissioned by Kumari to photograph a series of images that had a sophisticated boudoir style. The vibe for this shoot is luxury sexy. Creating a space for sultry. Transporting viewers to a dream world of vibrant intimacy & sensuality. Inspired in part by Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, this shoot is also an extension of Kumari’s sense of style & taste.
View the stylescape I put together for this photoshoot here.
Creative Direction, Casting, Photography, Co-Set Design Production: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Model: Kumari
Lighting, Co-Set Design & Digital Tech: Miguel Angel Salgado
Photo Set Assistant: Adriana Hutson
Hair Stylist: Mr. Sed Bezzy
Makeup Artist: Ariana Hajek
Studio: FLOCC​​​​​​​
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