Munelle De Vie’s latest collection is a beautiful tribute to the designer’s childhood memories, a gift to her mother, and portrays her love for the iconic Barbie doll. Founder & Designer, Munisa Khuramova, was in need of bringing to life an e-commerce shoot that elevated the brand with flair and appealed to its growing demographic of younger women. The vibe for this shoot is centered around a touch of luxury and playfulness. This shoot, while focused on lookbook and e-commerce, brings to life a world of dreams.
View the stylescape I put together for this photoshoot here.
The following screens present how the fashion brand is using the images from the photoshoot successfully on their new web platform. The product page displays detail shots when users hover the pointer over each garment.
Creative Direction, Casting, Photo Direction, Wardrobe Styling, Production Digital Tech: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Model: Betrice Hiller of Wallflower Management
Photographer & Lighting Designer: Miguel Angel Salgado
Client, Fashion Designer On-Set Tailor: Munisa Khuramova of Munelle De Vie
Makeup & Hair Artist: Kate Conkey
BTS PR: Tay Monae
Assistant: Maddie Marie
Studio: FLOCC​​​​​​​
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