Out West brings youthful charm and elegance to the vaquero style. Combining a clean modern touch with the gruff & classic rustic look is a sure way to giddy up any western style outfit. Try a cowboy hat with gel-styled waves & a bowed blouse for an elevated appeal.
This series is mocked up in a fictional book magazine to elevate the presentation of the imagery.
Photography, Lighting, Co-Casting, Photo Editing & Production
Samantha Jane of SisterBrother MGMT

Creative & Art Direction, Co-Casting, Copywriting & Graphic Design
Mark Baker-Sanchez

Wardrobe & Accessories Styling
Melissa Infante

Hair & Makeup
Jackie Tzang

Wardrobe & Accessories Assistant
Marilyn Bautista

Hair & Makeup Assistant
Michonne Phan

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