R'BONNEY is a luxury label creating prêt-à-couture eveningwear with an ethical and sustainable approach. The target audience is women aged 20–40 seeking ageless elegance, encouraging a lifestyle of confidence and self-love. Fabric manipulations, handwork, and twists on classical silhouettes are characteristic of R'BONNEY garments.​​​​​​​
Insight & Idea
The SS18 Amphitrite collection is inspired by the constant movement of the ocean waves. Attention to detail through hand appliqué and relaxed forms creates harmony between a woman’s beauty and the sea.
R'BONNEY was looking for this campaign to associate the designs with the mystery of the sea and the alluring effect it can have on people. As the Amphitrite collection is identifiable with the ocean, a sandy location — Monahans Sandhills — was chosen to allow the pieces to stand out. The blues of the collection contrasted with the natural beiges of the earth — elevating the dresses to somehow act as the water in this dreamscape. One model was ultimately chosen to bring more focus to the grandeur of the garments and the narrative at-large.
View the moodboard for this campaign here.
SS18 Photoshoot & Film
To accentuate the organic nature of the gowns, the collection was captured in the Monahans Sandhills. The vibrant blues contrast with the soft beiges of the sand. The rolling landscape of the sand dunes create a mysterious yet tranquil atmosphere akin to that of ocean waves. Like water, the campaign evokes elegance and freedom — qualities women who wear R'BONNEY embody.
Prior to shooting photo and video, thumbnails were illustrated and diligently referred to, making sure each shot was realized appropriately. The goal was to concept images and frames that would showcase the liquid-like quality of each gown in an alluring yet assured manner.
Creative Director, Photo Director, Casting & Producer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photographer Cinematographer: Jazmín Ramirez
Makeup Hair: Maddi Mays
Model: Emily Fede
Modeling Agency: Callidus Agency
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