R'BONNEY is a luxury label creating prêt-à-couture eveningwear with an ethical and sustainable approach. The target audience is women aged 20–40 seeking ageless elegance, encouraging a lifestyle of confidence and self-love. Fabric manipulations, handwork, and twists on classical silhouettes are characteristic of R'Bonney garments.​​​​​​​
The SS18 Amphitrite collection is inspired by the constant movement of the ocean waves. Attention to detail through hand appliqué and relaxed forms creates the harmonious balance of a woman’s beauty with the sea.
SS18 Print Ads
Inspired by film strips, the photography is stacked for a cinematic and alluring effect. Although the same layout is used, each ad displays its gown uniquely in terms of movement, silhouette, detail, and narrative.
SS18 Lookbook
The landscape orientation allows for a continuous feel. The book is sectioned by gown with each containing three spreads of full body shot, detail, and landscape. Some photographs are cropped to create more graphical forms. This furthers the ethereal nature of the SS18 collection.
Responsive Website
The website is cohesive with the lookbook and adapts to various screens. The minimal layout allows the identity and imagery to stand out. The product page displays a full range of body sizes and details including fit, composition, and care.
Social Media
Instagram is used as the sharing platform for R'Bonney — ads, photography, film, etc. Above, a clip from the SS18 film is viewed in the Story.
As R'Bonney gowns are handmade and fluid, a hand drawn mark was plausible. Since the first two letters of the designer's name are capitalized, a connection was made between the "R" and "B." At times, the mark is shown as a monogram. The letterforms provide a sense of motion and modernity.
During conception, it was important to create forms that were organic and conveyed a sense of motion. The fluidity of the gowns were captured in the brand identity of the R'Bonney label.
The black logotype against white is bold yet humble in scale. Gold adds an element of neutrality and heightened elegance to the stark contrast.
Urban Advertising
Taking advantage of signage in metropolitan areas will further expose the brand to the general public. The abstracted nature of these advertisements are meant to intrigue passersby, generating a high amount of traffic to stores or Online.
SS18 Photoshoot & Film
To accentuate the organic nature of the gowns, the collection was captured in the Monahans Sandhills. The vibrant blues contrast with the soft beiges of the sand. The rolling landscape of the sand dunes create a mysterious yet tranquil atmosphere akin to that of ocean waves. Like water, the campaign evokes elegance and freedom — qualities women who wear R'Bonney embody.
Prior to the shoot, thumbnails were illustrated and diligently referred to, making sure each shot was realized appropriately and more. The goal was to concept images and frames that would showcase the liquid-like quality of each gown in an alluring yet assured manner.
Director/Designer: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photographer/Cinematographer: Jazmín Ramirez
Makeup/Hair: Maddi Mays
Model: Emily Fede
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