The final assignment for That Photo School consisted of using lighting knowledge, equipment, and creativity to recreate a go-by image in an original way. I was inspired by Jack Davison’s campaign work for Hermès. I worked with three colorful scarves that I brought back home from my travels in Florence and Sorrento. My goal was to build upon Davison’s compositions and showcase the colors of the scarves with graphical posing. View my reference deck here.
Lighting Diagram
This diagram showcases the planning that went into this shoot to replicate the set of the Hermès campaign as much as possible. I determined at what time/height the sun needed to be as well as the direction in which my crew needed to face opposite of the models. This was done to ensure optimal lighting and shadow cast for the production. Elements such as the key light diffusion were brought in for additional lighting when natural lighting was no longer ideal. The day ended up being windier than expected and we used a Scrim Jim to help deaden the impact of the wind on the subjects to be able to better control the shape of the scarves and garments.
In addition to the photo series, I wanted to create a video version. This was something I wanted to push myself to do as motion brings with it a certain intrigue and engagement that photography doesn't. Many fashion campaigns now also include some sort of video component. I selected posing and composition from the photography set that I felt was the strongest to work with. From there, my team and I worked together to bring that static image to life through motion.
Watch the BTS video below to learn how we pulled it off.
Providing a deeper understanding of the work involved in this shoot and the process involved in capturing the motion component of the series.
Creative Direction, Casting, Production, Photography, Styling, Cinematography & Editing
Mark Baker-Sanchez
Assistant Art Director & Co-Stylist
Tauri Partin
Photo & Lighting Assistant
Miguel Angel Salgado
Invenzione per John / Ennio Morricone
Scarves (In Order of Appearance)
SIMONE / Firenze, Italia
Della Mura 1929 S.R.L.
SIMONE / Firenze, Italia
Dresses / Topshop
Heels / RAID London
Handmade Earrings / MOONFIRE
Davis Street Mercantile
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