SYMPHONY is a series about products and the people who wear them. The movement for this shoot is to create meaningful dialogue between art and commerce. Exploring the harmonious bond between individual and product. This is brought to life by pairing high-end styling with cinematic drama to compose a series that is culturally and aesthetically timeless. A symphony of beauty and luxury. As part of this project, a zine was created to further elevate the concept through a visual design system where image and typography are in sync with one another.
Co-Creative Director, Photographer, Production, Casting & Color

Tramaine Townsend of Sisterbrother MGMT

Co-Creative Director, Art Director, Production, Casting, Graphic
& Layout Designer
Mark Baker-Sanchez

Wardrobe & Accessories Stylist (First Day)
Tor Matthey of Independent Artists, Inc.

Wardrobe & Accessories Stylist (Second Day)
Kelsey Reid

Hair & Makeup Artist (First Day)
Walter Fuentes of Independent Artists, Inc.

Hair & Makeup Artist (Second Day)
Beléne Garza of Kim Dawson Agency

Lighting Lead, Second Shooter & Photo Retoucher
Miguel Angel Salgado

Assistant to Lighting Lead & Second Shooter
Luke Mcdonald

Cinematographer & Video Editing
Diego Noriega

Christian Baez

Adam Pickrell

Audio Engineer
Spencer Kenney

BTS Coordinator (Photo)
Daven Martinez

BTS Coordinator (Video)
Cesar Ramos

BTS Coordinator (Photo & Video)
Brysen Smith

Set Assistant
Victoria Gomez

Set Assistant
Amani Sodiq

Set Assistant
Mesha Thompson

Models (In Order of Appearance)
Shaun Balkum of Kim Dawson Agency
Luna Avelar of Kim Dawson Agency
Tramaine Townsend of Sisterbrother Mgmt
Sunni Summers of Wallflower Management
Paris Gardner of Wallflower Management
Trevor Rupich of Kim Dawson Agency

Printed in Paris on 60gsm newsprint. FSC® & PEFCTM certified recycled paper.

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