The inspiration for this series is found in the whimsical and eye-catching nature of the Calla earrings by Cult Gaia. I bought the Calla earrings for myself and loved how magical they made me look and feel. It was this feeling that moved me to concept this shoot. The intention is to tell a story about an individual who is at ease and confident within their own beauty and radiance. Someone who knows they turn heads and have no problem taking up space, yet are at peace with their own validation and embrace the power of their unique style.
I also wrote an online accessories edit based on this shoot for DONE The Magazine that can be read here.
View the stylescape and planning I put together for this photoshoot here.
Read more at DONE The Magazine
I wrote an accessories edit based on this shoot for DONE The Magazine that can be read here. It shares more detail behind the story/concept for planning this series.
Creative, Art, Photo & Motion Direction, Writing, Casting & Production: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Featuring: Ines Justice
Photography, Lighting, Set Design & Retouching: Miguel Angel Salgado
Cinematography: Michael Gerrard
Wardrobe Stylist: Diamond Ariel
Makeup Artist: Will Adrian
Hair Stylist: Caitlyn Hastings
Video Edit, Title Design & End Credits: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photo & Video Assistant: Kelsey Reid
Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe Assistant: Maria Baker
Lighting Assistant: Chris Prince
Creative Consultation for Social Media: Samantha Jane
Accessories: Cult Gaia
Studio Space: FLOCC
Sound: Aloe Vera by Audio Lotion, © 2006 Mole Listening Pearls | Daredo Music ℗ 2006 Jaboo Records
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