Uniiit encourages the creative eye by providing sustainable & unique clothing rentals curated for the inspired. Uniiit envisions a safe space for artists to express and create their dreams, while discovering other artists and collaborations in the process. They are passionate about having creatives’ voices heard and visions seen through style.
As seen in ISSUE II of DONE The Magazine and an official advertising partner with the publication.
A Dynamic, Timeless Campaign
For this campaign, we wanted to create imagery that was dreamlike and playful. Something that was both tranquil and eye-catching. Instead of placing the clothing on models, we showcased each piece in a dynamic way. This was done by strategically tossing garments into the air or dangling them to create movement and shape as well as arranging the shoes in a compositional fashion — as if these inanimate objects were actually modeling themselves. Uniiit is a brand that encourages innovation and collaboration, two factors that were applied to bring this vision to life.
Uniiit Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Tauri Partin
Logo Design & Branding: Tauri Partin
Creative Direction, Photography Ad Design: Mark Baker-Sanchez
Follow Uniiit on Instagram: @uniiit.style
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