Mark Baker-Sanchez is an award-winning creative & art director bringing soulfulness into the realms of style, beauty and culture. He crafts memorable stories through bespoke visual experiences that delight and inspire.

LBH Skincare
Commissioned Work Creative & Art Direction, Production, Casting, Graphic & Layout Design — LBH Skincare is an intentionally refined line of solution-driven daily essentials.
Le Sol Travel: London & Paris
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Graphic & Layout Design — Le Sol Travel is a series of transformational luxury get away experiences that range from exotic group getaways and spiritual awakenings to custom travel planning.
Paris Is Burning
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Animation, Graphic & Layout Design — Paris Is Burning is a documentary focused on drag queens living in New York City and "house" culture, which provides a sense of community and support for the flamboyant and often socially shunned performers.
Oscar Hernandez Designer Photoshoot
Commissioned Work Creative & Art Direction, Production, Casting, Graphic & Layout Design — Through feminine yet mythic silhouettes with references to the 17th & 18th century lexicon of dress codes, these pieces are seen through the polar opposite lens of a non-white queer individual.
Independently Published Work Creative & Art Direction, Co-Casting, Copywriting & Graphic/Web Design Jones Model Management & Kim Dawson Agency — SOUL fuses heart & delight with modern minimalism. Inspired by the vibrance of '80s fashion, an iconic era of style & analogue charm, these images give life to all of the good feels.
Independently Published Work Co-Creative Director, Art Director, Production, Casting, Graphic & Layout Designer — SYMPHONY is a series about products and the people who wear them. The movement for this shoot is to create meaningful dialogue between art and commerce.
Commissioned Work Creative Direction, Naming, Copy Editing, Design & Production — Promotional materials for Dallas-based photographer Kent Barker.
Finding Ferdinand Summer 2024: Morphosis
Commissioned Work Creative & Art Direction, Production, Casting, Graphic & Layout Design — Based in New York City, Finding Ferdinand wanted to create a brand that puts customers first and provides a platform where beauty lovers can define their own aesthetics.
Faces Óptica
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Graphic Design, Collage Artist, Co-Production & Co-Styling — Faces Óptica goes beyond the traditional optical shop and with a highly curated collection of independent, luxury eyewear for prescription lenses.
Mary Grace
Collaborative Testing Work Creative Direction, Cinematography, Casting & Production — Playful. Maximalist. Spade & McQueen. Light & dark. A delicate flower with sharp thorns.
Independently Published Work Creative & Editorial Direction, Photography, Writing & Publication Design — DONE ISSUE II is focused on mental health and explores the many ways in which our well-being is ever connected to our intersectionalities.
Continued Creative Education Creative Direction, Casting, Production, Photography, Styling, Video & Editing — Inspired by Italian silk scarves gathered from travels to Italy.
Aruai for Kollektiv Mgmt NYC
Commissioned Work Visual & Art Direction — Professional images for Kollektiv Mgmt NYC featuring newly signed model, Aruai.
Kennen for Alice Laura Models
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Casting, Photography & Styling — Professional images for Alice Laura Models featuring Kennen D.
Animated FENDI Marks
Animated Spec Work Motion Typography — An exploration of fashion-focused motion design with motion typography inspired by the FENDI fashion house.
That Photo School Awaken Show
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Strategy, Poster Design, Social Media & Guerrilla Advertising — Custom mark, poster and promo design for the 2022 That Photo School advanced student exhibition.
Not Known to Man
Commissioned Work Tech Startup Brand Strategy, Identity & Holistic Design — Not Known to Man is a human-centered enterprise creating new, real and elegant products to serve mankind.
The Alchemist
Commissioned Work Creative Direction, Casting, Photography & Video — The Alchemist collection is a symbolic presentation of the fashion house's Mongolian heritage and spirituality.
Harper's BAZAAR
Commissioned Work Art Direction, Photo Editing & Publication Design — Designed pages including mastheads, List Opener and Horoscope that were published in the October 2017 and September 2017 issues.
Jun Group
Commissioned Work Art Direction & Presentation Design — Redesigned and animated Jun Group's presentations to tell the brand story as well as services in a delightful way.